Wednesday, 5 March 2008

YellowTail Snapper Fishing in the Florida Keys

Fishing for Grouper in the Florida Keys
If you want a really good fishting fish, try the Groupers. Florida Keys groupers are a hard fighting and good eating bottom fish that provide the best grouper fish fight in
the world. Groupers are hard to beat as a prized dinner catch along all the Florida coasts
and the Bahamas.
Groupers as a firm, white meat fish cooks up well as a spectacular onion-garlic saute for your dinner table. More recipes Later!! Let's go catch fish. Bottom fishing with heavy tackle is the classic method of grouper fishing. Groupers are generally aggressive strikers when they first inhale the bait.They will normally go right into the rocks or hide in any structure that is surrounding them.
Trolling is also another favorite method for grouper fishing. This method usually works in water from 15 - 25 feet depth and wherever grouper are found. If you are fishing in shallow water 4 to 12 feet, flat lining, usually used to catch yellowtail snapper, is another popular way to Grouper fish. Tips and tricks for this method are outlined in our Yellowtail snapper article and also in our instructional DVD, "Amazing Techniques of Yellowtail, Grouper, and Mutton Snapper Fishing.
Special Grouper Bait All grouper tend to like the same types of baits and presentations whether they are on the bottom or by trolling the bait to them. If it's Gag grouper in at little as ten to twelve feet of water or the mighty Warsaw grouper in several hundred feet of water, just remember, big bait, big fish, small bait, small fish. Bottom fishing with live baits Pinfish and large grunts would generally be your best bait for grouper. The bottom structure that you're near tends to pull them in closer, housing a variety of species of fish, including tons of bait.
Find a good rock pile and just keep letting line out until you know your bait is right in front of your grouper. Keep your eye on which way the tide is moving and go to the side where your bait will go away from the pier. NOTE: Goliath Grouper, formerly known as jewfish, are completely protected from harvest in Florida waters. Red Grouper, gag grouper, and Nassau grouper (spawning in April and May) all prefer water temperatures between 66 - 77 degrees F.

About the Author
Marilyn Davis is a 20 year resident & fisherwoman of the Florida Keys & Key West.

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